Classroom Workshops

Workshops are a great way for teachers to supplement what they are teaching in the classroom. Each hour-long workshop offers a hands-on, skills-based project that focuses on an important ecological issue. All our workshops are standards based, but can be designed to fit your specific classroom needs. 

Worm Bin Workshop (K-12)

Prepare to get your hands dirty! Our Worm Bin Workshop takes students on a learning adventure about the importance of decomposition. The kids help set up a worm bin for your classroom, and meet some of our friendly little wriggly worms from our bin.  From our workshop, your students will explore these questions:

  • How do humans play a role in the larger web of life?

  • Why are microorganisms important?

  • How do we take care of the worms in the classroom?

  • How does the decomposition cycle work?


Compost Tea Workshop (K-12)

There’s a whole tiny world among us that is doing the dirty work for us! Students will learn how our health depends on the health of the soil, all while exploring decomposition through story, scientific exploration, and a big mug of compost tea! If you have access to microscopes, students will get to see our little helpers with their own eyes!  From our workshop, your students will explore these questions:

  • What are microorganisms?

  • What is the Soil Food Web?

  • What are microorganisms’ role in the soil food web?

  • What is composting and why does it matter?


Micro-Greens Workshop (K-12)

We can grow our own nutritious food... right on our windowsill! Students will connect with their food and learn how easy & fun it is to grow their own nutritious greens, while exploring recipes for their budding greens. From our workshop, your students will explore these questions:

  • Where does our food come from?

  • How can we better connect with our food sources?

  • What do we need to grow our own food indoors?

  • What are some yummy recipes for our greens?


Sun Bread Workshop (K-12)

We can make our own real food at any age! Students will make their own bread using only the power of the sun to bake it. Middle and high school students are invited to participate in an engineering challenge: who can construct the most effective solar oven? From our workshop, your students will explore these questions:

  • Can we create delicious and nutritious food without a kitchen?

  • In terms of energy, is Earth  an open or closed system?

  • Can we harvest solar energy to create food?

  • Can we engineer solutions to environmental challenges?