Classroom Workshops

Workshops are a great way for teachers to supplement what they are teaching in the classroom. Each hour-long workshop offers a hands-on, skills-based project that focuses on an important ecological issue. All our workshops are standards based, but can be designed to fit your specific classroom needs. 

  • Decomposition Magic:  It starts with food scraps and tiny creatures, and then TA-DAH- SOIL!  Learn about the seemingly magical process of decomposition through the following workshops.

    • Meet our Worm Friends:  Build a worm bin for composting right in your classroom.

    • Compost Tea Party:  How much life exists beyond what we can see with our eyes?  Invite 1000's of 'micro-friends' to your classroom as you learn to make compost tea and look at them under a microscope.

    • Garden Composting: Your waste can be turned to ‘black gold’ for the garden  Learn about how it works.

  • You are What you Eat:  Motivate healthy eating through hands-on, scientific exploration!  Kiva workshops on nutrition can inspire even the most elite junk food connoisseurs. 

    • A Micro-Feast:  Learn about how to grow nutrient-dense micro-greens right in your classroom window and reap your harvest within one week!

    • Sun-Baked Goods:  Shining deliciousness upon us! Learn how to harvest the energy of the sun to make your sun-bread for your class.