Community Partners

"An ecosystem that has the maximum amount of diversity is the richest."

-- Robert Greene

As the quote above suggests, the more we involve the entire community, the richer our lives will be. We want to thank the following community partners for supporting our mission:

Corporate Sponsorships

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A special thanks to those that got us on our feet!


For supporting, empowering, and co-creating The Kiva Center with us!


Heidi Cuppari 

David, Summer, and Cody Gould


The Kestano Family

Ryel, Joli, Nikko, Ciel, Aliya, and Kiran


Demola Family, Shaw Family, and Annie Ficklen


The River House Community

The Smith Family, Martin Herrara, Elke, Jana Stone, Travis Norris, Tom Boaman, Carlos Puentes


Guest Facilitators

Nii Okai, Corey Mato, Shamiko Rinn, Angelo Marsico, Tilo Grajeda, Chris Hopper, Chris Taylor


The MysterE School

Kyle Monks, Kenny Karsten


The Karsten Family


The Innovation Pavillion

Vic Ahmed


Anastasia Finance


Evolving Humanity

Elena Harder

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