What is the E Movement?


The E Movement is a collective of teachers, schools, local governments, nonprofits, and parents and businesses collaborating to increase environmental literacy and build a stewardship ethic within today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders. To guide our collaborative efforts, we have developed a set of E Guidelines that lay out a scaffolded, whole-child approach to environmental education.


The Kiva Center and the

E Movement?


The Kiva Center’s School Outreach Program facilitates K-12 interdisciplinary classroom workshops and school-wide campaigns that inspire environmental stewardship and place-making. Topics range from soil biology, zero-waste, water science, to ecological garden design.

Why the E Movement?


Environmental education is simply education in or about the world around us. Its goals are to create awareness about the interconnections between ourselves, the natural world, and the built environment while also building skills to successfully navigate the challenges of today. Environmental education can take place in formal settings, such as schools, as well as informal settings such as parks, community centers, farms, and wild nature areas.