Frequently Asked Questions


What types of programs does The Kiva Center offer?

The Kiva Center offers outdoor educational experiences to youth and families through the following programs: (for more information about each program, click the link provided for each program offering) Homeschool Enrichment Programs (Ages 6-15+) School Programming (K-12) Community Engagement (After school/Summer enrichment) Family Workshops (ALL ages)

Is The Kiva Center registered as a 501C-3 non-profit organization?

Yes, The Kiva Center officially received federal non-profit status in February, 2017. All donations made to the organization are tax-deductible. Donate online or send a check to The Kiva Center at 1780 Lombardy Dr. Boulder, CO 80304. Be sure to include your address where we can send a receipt.

Where does The Kiva Center operate?

The Kiva Center runs educational programs at several different locations between Boulder and Denver. Homeschool Enrichment programs are run at a host farm in Longmont, CO. All other programs including School Outreach, After School Programs, Summer Camp Enrichment and Family Workshops are hosted at partner schools and community centers.

Homeschool Enrichment

What ages do you serve through homeschool enrichment?

The Kiva Center provides full-day homeschool enrichment programs titled, “Farm and Forest Community Days” for children aged 6-15+. The current schedule for each age group is:

  • Wednesdays, 9am-3pm: “Goats” (ages 9-11)
  • Thursdays, 9am-3pm: “Lambs” (ages 6-9)
  • Friday's, 9am-3pm: "Eagles" (ages 12+)

Where is Farm and Forest Community Days hosted?

This program is run at a special family farm in Longmont, complete with treehouses, farm animals, ample space to run, a slackline, gardens and more! Please contact The Kiva Center via email for specific directions to the farm.

How do I register for the next session of Farm and Forest Community Days?

Register via the registration portal here. Note that registration may not be open yet at the time in which you open the link. Please watch for early registration discounts! To stay up-to-date, be sure to sign up for our newsletter here at the bottom of the page.

Is this a drop-off or child/parent program?

This is a drop-off program- parents or guardians drop-off their children at 9am and pick up at 3pm. Yet it is also much more than that! Read the following question about Community Engagement to find out more.

Does this program provide community engagement for homeschoolers?

Yes! Each semester we host 2 community gatherings for all family members to join, celebrating the change of seasons, honoring rites of completion, and creating solid support systems for families. Families are also encouraged to join The Kiva Center for volunteer days at the farm.

What does a day of Farm and Forest Community Days look like?

Click here to see our flow of the day.

Does The Kiva Center provide curriculum to homeschool families?

Yes, The Kiva Center creates 15 week interdisciplinary Main Lesson Units, which include weekly stories, suggested activities, and inquiry questions. These materials are directly connected with the students’ learning experience at Farm and Forest Days, and are designed to be flexibly incorporated into your studies at home.

What will my child learn about at Farm and Forest Days?

This program is multi-faceted, and designed to support growth of the whole child. The main elements of the program are:

  1. Exploratory Learning: Entirely outdoors (except for severe weather), 1-1.5 hours per day of unstructured play, thematic learning units, sensory awareness games.
  2. Socio-Emotional Skills & Health: Team-building activities, community council, curative storytelling, mindfulness practice, physical education, cooking, singing.
  3. Community Projects: Animal care, gardening, traditional living skills (i.e. foraging, basketry, woodwork, fire, shelter, etc.), drawing.
  4. Service Learning: Learners navigate their learning landscapes to discover how their unique interests can serve their larger community.

Is this program inclusive to students of varying needs and abilities?

Farm and Forest Days is committed to including children with varying needs as much as possible. The program was founded to create educational opportunities for children that can not be met in a conventional school setting. Special attention is given to socio-emotional support, empathy and celebration of differences within the community. One-on-one aids are allowed to join students, when necessary. Typically, funding for one-on-one support needs to be brought in from outside sources. Individualized learning and behavior plans can be done on a case-by-case basis. The Kiva Center will do its best to include all children, yet recognizes when the environment and resources are not conducive to the needs of a child. If you are wondering if your child is a good fit for this program, please email to set up a phone call or meeting.

Does The Kiva Center provide scholarships for Farm and Forest Days?

The Kiva Center currently has limited funds available for scholarships. Email for more information. You can also fill out our scholarship form and email or mail it in.

What topics can students expect to learn about through Main Lessons?

The Kiva Center is always taking note of students’ emerging interests to design new curriculum. Some topics that have been studied are: Animal Study, Plants, Botany, Indigenous History & Mythology, Natural Building, Fire, Ecology, and Service Learning.

School Outreach

Which school districts does The Kiva Center work with?

The Kiva Center currently operates its School Outreach Programs throughout most Front Range districts between St. Vrain and Denver Public Schools. If you would like to find out if The Kiva Center can come to your school, just ask! Travel fees may apply. Inquire here.

What Programs are offered to Schools?

  • School-Wide Campaigns provide schools with meaningful outdoor learning opportunities that inspire creative problem-solving and environmental stewardship in their communities. This dynamic learning experience uses theatrical assemblies to learn about relevant ecological challenges faced by our communities. Students then problem-solve through cross-curricular, standards-based workshops, creative writing, and team engineering challenges to create solutions. Click here to find out more!
  • Classroom Workshops are hands-on, standards-based learning experiences based in zero-waste, composting, gardening, and natural building. Click here to find out more!

What is the cost for a Classroom Workshop or School Campaign?

Does The Kiva Center provide scholarships for its School Outreach offerings?

Yes! There is funding available to provide scholarships to schools and classrooms. Scholarships are granted based on need and school involvement.

Do School Campaigns and Workshops align with state and national learning standards?

Yes. Each offering is carefully crafted to align with multi-disciplinary grade-level standards. This includes integration with NGSS and Colorado science, language arts, social studies, and physical education standards. Preparatory and extension lesson plans included with workshops and campaigns.

After School

Which school(s) do you serve through after-school programs?

We currently only offer after-school programs at partner schools. Email us is you'd like to bring our afteschool program to your school.

How much do Kiva Center after-school programs cost?

The price ranges from school to school, from FREE- around $10-$15 per class.

How can I start a Kiva Center after-school program at my school?

We are always happy to start new programs at local schools. Email Kasey at to request an after-school program. Eligibility is determined by location, enrollment, funding, and current staffing availability within the organization.

Summer Camp Enrichment

Does The Kiva Center run summer camps?

The Kiva Center partners with local schools and organizations to provide outdoor education enrichment at existing summer camps. To see current offerings for the upcoming summer, please click here.

Family Workshops

Who is able to attend family workshops with The Kiva Center?

EVERYONE! Workshops are designed to engage people of all ages- from tots to grandparents. Bilingual (English/Spanish) workshops are available to the community.

What is the cost to attend a Family Workshop?

Every workshop is completely unique- price depends upon the offering. Some are even Free! To find out more about pricing for a specific workshop, visit our Family Exploration Page.