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The Kiva Center accepts tax-deductible donations. Donations will go towards creating scholarships for our programs, both homeschool and school outreach. If you want to help bring the work we do to a wider audience of under-served populations, please donate. You can donate online or send a check to 1780 Lombardy Dr. Boulder, CO 80304. Be sure to include your address where we can send a donation receipt. 

One-Time Financial Contributions
Would you like people in your community to know that your business or family supports local environmental education? It's as easy as becoming an ongoing Sponsor of The Kiva Center. Your logo or family name goes on our website and all our newsletters to show the world what kind of world you support! Contact us today.
Become a Sponsor

Recurring donations also fund scholarship programs, as well as operational costs of the organization. These recurring donations help us plan ahead and know how much support we have for a given year. These are a huge help! Recurring donations must be made online by selecting the "Make this a monthly donation" box.

Become a Recurring Donor
Have you seen our stellar Board of Trustees? I mean, look at how beautiful they are. And, wow, look at those credentials. Aren't you itching to join this team? Email us if you feel called to offer your skills to the long-term sustainability of this organization. 
Join the Board of Trustees
The Kiva Center is a growing organization, and that means there are plenty of administrative duties to handle. We are always grateful for any support in the areas of business administration, marketing, accounting, or fundraising. If you have a time and a skill in any area of business, please reach out!
Office Space

The Kiva Center is looking for office space somewhere in Boulder, CO. If you, or someone you know, has office space they would like to donate to our cause, please reach out and let us know.

Host a Fundraising Event
Do you own or manage a beautiful space to host events? We are looking for just the place to host an annual fundraiser for The Kiva Center. Please let us know if you do.
Provide In-kind Support

To learn more about our fundraising goals and where the money goes, click here.

Support Us through your Regular Amazon Purchases
You can also support us through your regular Amazon purchases. Go to smile.amazon.com and select Kiva Center as your supporting organization. Whenever you make a purchase, do so through smile.amazon.com
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You can find us on Facebook or Instagram, but not really anywhere else on the internet (we like being outside remember, not on the computer). 


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The Kiva Center is a registered 501c3.