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Farm and Forest Community Days

Fall '20: September 1st - December 18th, 2020

Spring '21: February 2nd - May 21st, 2021


Are you looking for a homeschool program that:

  • Takes place entirely outdoors and teaches hands-on skills?

  • Focuses on social-emotional wellbeing and peer relationships?

  • Gives enrichment curriculum to connect the learning at home?

THE KIVA CENTER welcomes you!

See our Flow of the Day here 

Exploratory Learning

  • PLAY!

  • Observation of Local Ecosystems

  • Collaborative Games in Nature

  • Foraging Wild Plants

  • Animal Tracking

What We Do


Skills and Health

  • Community Council

  • Curative Storytelling

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Cooking

  • Movement

Community Projects

  • Animal Care

  • Natural Building

  • Gardening

  • Traditional Living Skills: Basketry, Pottery, Carving


Upcoming Session 

The Beehive (ages 6-16) meet on Tuesdays.

The Goats (ages 9-11) meet on Wednesdays.

The Lambs (ages 6-8) meet on Thursdays.

The Eagles (ages 12-16) meet on Fridays

All groups meet at McCauley Family Farm in West Longmont 9AM-3PM.


Each session is 15 weeks long:

Fall 2020 Session: September 1st - December 18th, 2020

One week vacation for Thanksgiving


Spring 2021 Session: February 2nd - May 21st, 2021

One week off for Spring Break (Week of 3/22)


There is a 15% sibling discount and an additional 9% discount for signing up for both sessions at the same time.


I love the peace and connectedness this program teaches. We are filled up after these days at Kiva!


—  Parent of 10 year old male

Move us Forward

Help us achieve our goal of offering scholarships for our homeschool families to make our program more accessible to all families.