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Farm and Forest Community Days

Fall '21: August 30th - December 17th, 2021

Spring '22: February 7th - May 27th, 2022


Are you looking for a homeschool program that:

  • Takes place entirely outdoors and teaches hands-on skills?

  • Focuses on social-emotional wellbeing and peer relationships?

  • Gives enrichment curriculum to connect the learning at home?

THE KIVA CENTER welcomes you!

See our Flow of the Day here 

Natural Wonders
Shelter Building
Overcoming Fears
Primitive fire starting
Friends taking a moment by the lake
Carrot Harvest
Happy Farmer
Natural Dyes
Garlic Planting
Bow Drill
Meaningful work
Finding tracks in the snow
Fall fun
Art time
Chicken love
Climbing trees

Exploratory Learning

  • PLAY!

  • Observation of Local Ecosystems

  • Collaborative Games in Nature

  • Foraging Wild Plants

  • Animal Tracking

What We Do


Skills and Health

  • Community Council

  • Curative Storytelling

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Cooking

  • Movement

Community Projects

  • Animal Care

  • Natural Building

  • Gardening

  • Traditional Living Skills: Basketry, Pottery, Carving


Upcoming Session 

The Piglets (ages 6-16) meet on Mondays.

The Beehive (ages 6-16) meet on Tuesdays.

The Goats (ages 9-11) meet on Wednesdays.

The Lambs (ages 6-8) meet on Thursdays.

The Eagles (ages 12+) meet on Fridays

All groups meet at McCauley Family Farm in West Longmont 9AM-3PM.


Each session is 15 weeks long:

Fall 2021 Session: August 30th - December 17th, 2021

One week vacation for Thanksgiving


Spring 2022 Session: February 7th - May 27th, 2022

One week off for Spring Break (Week of 3/21)


There is a 15% sibling discount.


I love the peace and connectedness this program teaches. We are filled up after these days at Kiva!


—  Parent of 10 year old male

Move us Forward

Help us achieve our goal of offering scholarships for our homeschool families to make our program more accessible to all families.