Our Programs

Homeschool Enrichment

Our homeschool program is an immersive and transformational community of learners and their families that builds confidence through nature connection for its members.

School Enrichment

Our school enrichment programs support teachers and entire schools to create a cultural shift towards happier and healthier students through community-wide action. 

Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement in Denver empowers urban youth to believe in their power to create change in their communities.

Outcomes of our Programs

Self-Esteem and Confidence

Through learning in a cooperative environment, story-telling, group challenges, and self-directed projects, students are mentored to see their natural gifts and feel appreciated for them.

Mental, Physical, and Emotional Well-being

Through learning about movement and nutrition, developing a quiet mind, and connection with the elements, participants experience reduced stress and anxiety and a stronger desire to spend time outdoors. 

Appreciation for and Connection to Nature

Through unstructured play outdoors, guidance in exploring nature, and enduring the elements, participants gain strength to overcome physical and intellectual challenges and feel a responsibility to care for the natural world.

  • Skills and Knowledge for Environmental Stewardship

    Through learning about local ecology, essential hands-on life skills, and ancestral skills, participants are able to make more sustainable choices, gain passion to care for their community, and be leaders.

  • A Culture of Belonging

    Through practicing council and conflict resolution, receiving real responsibilities on the farm, and taking part in community action, participants develop empathy, feel valued by community members, and understand they are empowered to affect change.  

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 The Kiva Center 501c(3)