What can happen when we boldly dare to follow our dreams?


It began with a vision…

A vision to provide children with learning experiences where they feel at home within their community, revel in the wonders of the outdoors, and be recognized for the unique gifts they carry. We envisioned a place where kids could discover their intellectual and creative gifts outside of standardized test scores.


It spontaneously launched with a request...

When families in the Boulder community asked the founders to host a backyard outdoor day camp in August 2014, we began to see an opportunity for growth.

And it continued with heartfelt enthusiasm…

“Well, are you going to continue?” asked a Father of three students on the last day of camp.  “I want to send my kids here throughout the entire school year to get them outdoors and off the couch and screens.”


The Kiva Center was born.  When it began, there was no classroom – just the awe-striking beauty of the outdoor scenery of their riverside home. Younger children arrived early in the day, and were joined by their older buddies who rushed over as soon as they got out of school.


Within a month, as the chill of the Fall began to set in, children, parents, and friends (including “Garrett the Carrot” who joined The Kiva Team) joined together to convert an old garage into The Kiva Center’s first classroom. 

The Story Lives on...

The work of The Kiva Center now operates throughout Colorado, providing local school outreach programs, homeschool enrichment in the Front Range, and free after school programming in Denver. This work ignites a passion in our students to preserve and regenerate the natural environment by exploring the outdoors, planting permaculture gardens, sharing their stories through theater, learning traditional living skills with their families, and making lifelong community connections.


In early 2017, The Kiva Center officially became a 501c3 non-profit, and within the first 9 months, we are proud to report that our programs reached nearly 600 students. That number is growing everyday! 


Come join us!

The Dream Lives into the Future 

As we continue to experience great success, we hold a vision for our future that is grand. We will grow into a full-fledged center of international recognition for our work connecting people with nature. People will come from near and far to learn how to best mentor children in the outdoors. Educators, learners, and community will gather to share in the glorious gifts we each bring to this world. 

We seek land, funding, and support to grow this vision. This photo to the left is a concept of what we want to build for many generations to enjoy. There are teaching spaces, quiet places, and farming to feed the people. Will you join us in holding this vision for our collective future? Will you help get us there?

Join the Kiva Community by adding your gifts to the mix.