Sending them off with love

On top of the world

It was the Thursday after Valentine’s Day and the Winter Program was concluding, so the love and reflection was being held tenderly. We began the morning with a circle of appreciation where we all chose an object to create a sort of mural. There were pinecones, tree branches, rocks, and even shoes to illustrate the mural while simultaneously statements of gratitude extended towards family and friends, the day ahead, children, and teachers. The morning was still and slow with a focus on observation and trying to find a heart-shaped rock that was later used to send love to earth and listen for what message was being sent back. It was a resemblance of pause and reflection to move forward in the next chapter of learning.


through appreciation

and awareness of the life

we are living and how


finding the beauty in the still

and quiet

to listen to intuition


extends her heart out willingly

seldom do the receivers

but a reciprocity has to be

weaved through the ceaseless relationship


find a place

hearken the tune of the wind

listen to the thoughts surfacing

the earth sharing

and be

A sweet resting point

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