A Day with Kiva Center

On a cold Thursday morning, as part of the Winter Program within the KIVA Center, the Seedlings gathered to enrich their knowledge of nature. I accompanied the KIVA Center, for the first time, as an intern to experience and observe the structure of the program. Through observation, I noticed that the small group of children all contained an energy and vibrancy to learn, as we were met with support from Boulder County Open Space, to hike and engage in activities about the environment and wildlife around us. Every child shared their own individuality which created a dynamic place and allowed for acknowledgement of the space that we exist. There was a continuous understanding of what it means to be a part of a community, contain gratitude and calmness, and always lend breadth for growth and creativity.


the place of connection

occurrence of growth

space for understanding

coexistence with all inhabitants

a yearning to learn that which surrounds


of who we are

where we are

the earth we live upon

beings that move beside


be slow

be present

be aware

exude an easiness

a playfulness


create silence for thoughts

an environment where creativity flourishes

an idea is a root that can expand and branch

extends beyond the depths of you and me


a freedom to express

ability to envision and imagine

to exist

to let go of expectation

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