Expanding into Spring

The sun was shining, but the air was still brisk. The Spring Program was beginning again for 2018 at Sunflower Farm and the children were awake and full of movement. We gathered together and sat on wooden stumps, in circular formation, to ground ourselves and become attuned to the space we were to be a piece of for the coming months. We played games and introduced ourselves before setting out on a tour of the farm. The morning was full of welcome and solitude in coming to a new place of growth.


of expression

to take up space

to imagine

and to exist within those bounds


of distance

to move without limits

to understand that which surrounds us

without being destructive and

possessive of the exploration

upon which we endure

and set out on


of the individuality

we each distinctly garner

to create

and be within the world

moving together

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