Quarantine Nature Connection

This is a scary moment in time. We are sitting in a complete uncertainty. One that pervades unknown levels of daily life. But we will get through this. We will be stronger on the other side. We will be more united as human beings on this planet, as protectors of our mothers, sisters, and daughters. Protectors of men, standing in strong ethics and service. We will be great!

Over the next uncertain amount of time, we will be posting here and on instagram (@thekivacenter) with a wide variety of ways to stay engaged physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We need to fuel all parts of ourselves to be whole and healthy.

Let's get started...

Yesterday, I posted a video talking about emotional intelligence...

You're not alone in feeling so many things right now. I have been crying each day to release the pent up emotions. That's my way. But there are many ways. See yesterday's video here. There will another video today about other ways to use the emotion/needs cards. You can find the ones I had in the video here:

Needs Cards

Feelings Cards

Seriously though, you're not alone. You can call me if you need me.

Sending so much love to you all! We'll be back on the farm again soon!

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