Quarantine Bird Language #1

Hello again,

Thanks for coming back! In this edition, we're sharing information on how to get in touch with the winged creatures in your area.

Bird language is a powerful nature connection strategy. The birds are telling us a story of the world around us in intricate and subtle ways. If we tap into their songs and language, we will gain a much fuller picture of our surroundings and tap into a deeper awareness than we knew possible. The best part.... anyone can learn this right now, there's no special skills necessary.

Our invitation to you is to stop for 20 minutes each day and go listen to the birds. At first, don't try to create meaning from their calls. Just get your baseline for like a week. Once you know the sounds of the birds in your area, you'll start to identify the birds they belong to. Sooner than you know, you'll recognize their different calls. And down they road, you'll discover you can actually understand what they're saying, "there's food here," "watch out, danger," "let's gather and check-in." They have an entire world happening, and it's not exclusive to them. We can join them! How exciting?

For the next week, gather your baseline. Don't try to do anything other than observe. Notice which birds frequent your yard, park, neighborhood.

Go walk quietly. Sit still. I know there's a lot of stillness required of us right now, but this types adds a whole new element. It's a great way to practice stillness. Practice a quiet mind.


Great website for getting started

Backyard Birds Book

Download the Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab App - This gives you an incredible amount of info and audio of bird calls once you get into identification.

That'll get you started. Enjoy!

All our blessings for safety, courage, and learning,

Garrett Braun

American Kestrel I discovered through locating its call. I learned so much watching it for half and hour! It paid off, I got to see it swoop down and catch something in it's talons at the end!

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