Supporting teachers and students with standards-based learning for environmental stewardship.


As teachers and administrators, you have two options for how we can engage with your school community:

School Campaigns

Allow students to take a deep-dive into an important ecological issue, with a focus on sharing the story with their community. The goal of the Campaign is to create a school-wide culture shift around an ecological problem where the students create the solution.

Classroom Workshops 

A great way for teachers to supplement what they are teaching in the classroom. Each hour-long workshop offers a hands-on, skills-based project that focuses on an important ecological issue.



Our school campaigns range in topic. We have three preset choices (below) and we can work with school leaders to create something special for you.

School Nutrition: Our school nutrition campaign allows students to explore their relationship with food and the environment through a number of thought-provoking and student-driven activities.

Eco-Bricks: Our eco-bricks campaign opens students' minds to creative solutions for one of our planet's most dire challenges: what do we do with single-use plastics?

Composting: Our school composting campaign puts students at the forefront of their school's composting efforts and allows them to create some of their own solutions.

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Our workshop offerings fall under two categories:


Decomposition Magic:  It starts with food scraps and tiny creatures, and then TA-DAH- SOIL!  Learn about the seemingly magical process of decomposition through these workshops.

You are What you Eat:  Motivate healthy eating through hands-on, scientific exploration!  Kiva workshops on nutrition can inspire even the most elite junk food connoisseurs.

In addition to our standard workshops, we work with teachers to design custom workshops to fit your specific needs.

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To inquire about our workshops, email us.

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The Kiva Center in the News

"Bixby School, which has a student body of 100 in preschool through fifth grade at 4760 Table Mesa Drive in Boulder, partners with the Kiva Center, a nonprofit founded by one of the school’s alumni, said Patricia Jarvis, the admissions director who was first attracted to Bixby as a parent. Through Kiva, she said, Bixby can “provide classes and experiences that help students learn about the impacts of humans and the environment.” 

-- Found in BizWest. Click here to read online.