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In School Enrichment


Enrichment Helps Students To:

Gain skills and knowledge for environmental stewardship

Deepen their appreciation for nature and sense of connection to it.

Learn Practical skills to create deeper connections with their community

in school workshops & Series

We know that crafting engaging lessons for kids and meeting diverse learning needs while adhering to state educational standards is a tall order for teachers.  We are here to help. The Kiva Center helps educators support students’ need to have a practical application for academic learning.  We provide standards-based workshops in life skills, environmental stewardship, and nature connection.


Tiny Organisms Series


Garden To Plate Workshops

Picking Up Trash On Riverside

Our Waste, Our Responsibility Series

Kiva has served over 1000 + public school students through free programming around the themes of nature connection education.

The Kiva Center provides workshop programming (in-person and/or virtually) is currently open to a limited number of schools. Schools must meet at least one of our funding assistance requirements.


Access our Online Resource Library

Free Online Lesson Plans, Presentations, and Activities for Educators to Bring To The Classroom or Homeschooling!

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