The Mission

Our mission at The Kiva Center is to guide children to become creative ecological stewards equipped to lead their communities towards a balanced relationship with the Earth. The program was founded in September 2014 by a group of educators, entrepreneurs, artists, and families with the commitment to empowering the experience of life-long learning through community education. We believe that life is the lesson, and each of us have innate gifts to share with each other, and the world.  We became a non-profit 501c3 in February, 2017.

The Vision

We envision a world where kids run through the woods and parks finding more joy and intrigue than they do on their screens. We wanted to inspire kids to become lifelong learners dedicated to positive action in their communities. We hoped for children to have a connection to their food source. We desired to inspire this growing generation to get away from a reliance on nonrenewable resources and have the knowledge and skills to build networks for change. We facilitate this through:

1. Immersion in the outdoors,

2. Inspired, self-directed learning in community, and

3. Teaching life skills that serve to care for the Earth and be responsible stewards of natural resources.


The Kiva Center is based in Boulder County, Colorado!  Our homeschool program takes place on a farm in Longmont, our school outreach extends into Douglas, Adams, and Boulder Counties. That means we are spreading our wings and "pollinating"  communities all across the Front Range with an ongoing love for learning environmental stewardship and natural living skills.  We collaborate with local schools, homes, farms, community organizations, and churches.



What We Do

Community-based education allows students to reflect on their everyday environment—social, cultural, natural—as the fuel for their questions and learning then encourages real-world application of the learning in the school or surrounding community. We are a nature-based, experiential education community that offers interdisciplinary enrichment to youth and their families through local school outreach, homeschool enrichment programs, after school programs, family workshops, and summer camp enrichment.

Content is driven by:

  • Life skills – Meaningful Knowledge

  • Food and water stewardship – Leading to Healthy Communities

  • Guiding children to shape the future – Social Entrepreneurship, STEAM

  • Eco-Literacy - Literacy and Numeracy through Ecological Knowledge

  • Project-based learning – Problem Solving and Hands-on Practice

  • Opportunities for children with diverse learning styles – Kinesthetic, Co-operative, Play- Based Learning

  • An Outlet for Creative Expression - Music, Dance, Story-telling

  • Improved diet and well being of children - Optimizing Potential to Learn

  • Building community – Service Learning, Community Outreach and Integration with other Local Partners


Orienting to Natural Cycles

We draw from Jon Young's 8 shields model to orient our day to natural learning cycles. The 8 Shields moves throughout the 8 directions of learning. This provides our rhythm and daily routine. Each unit is based on the season we are in.

8 Shields

Daily Routine

North: Close


Northeast: Open

East: Inspire






Take a Break



and Share

Northwest: Reflect

Closing Circle




Story of the Day

(Introduce Theme)

Game /

Sensory Activity

Explore Activity


Free Play

Social /


Group Time

What we learned,

What we are

thankful for