About Us

What We Do

Nature-based education allows students to reflect on their everyday environment—social, cultural, natural—as the fuel for their questions then encourages real-world application of the learning in the school or surrounding community. We are a nature-based, experiential education community that offers interdisciplinary enrichment to youth and their families through local school outreach, homeschool enrichment programs, after school programs, family workshops, and summer camp enrichment.


Our Impact

We work with families, children, and schools to:

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem;

  • Develop mental, physical, and emotional well-being;

  • Deepen their appreciation for and connection to nature;

  • Gain skills and knowledge for environmental stewardship, and;

  • Increase their sense of belonging.


The Kiva Center is a 501c3 that builds inner-strength and compassion in Colorado’s youth through transformational outdoor experiences.


The Kiva Center Family

The Kiva Family is a group of passionate, dynamic, and creative people living in purpose.


Our Partners

We believe deeply in the power of collaboration and cross pollination to meet the diverse needs of all people.