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in-school program

Practices for Social Emotional Learning through
an Ecological Lens

In our post-pandemic, technological world, students are experiencing social and emotional deficits that are inhibiting their personal and academic development. When public school teachers approached The Kiva Center to address this problem, we designed this program to bring our simple, time-tested practices to the classroom to support the following outcomes:


students will walk away with...

program outcomes

 Tools for self-regulation to become more self-aware and engaged in learning

Deepened appreciation for nature and sense of connection to it. 

Enhanced ability to express emotions, navigate conflict, and honor the perspectives of others

Bring the Kiva Center To Your School!


In-Classroom Workshops

School-Day Field Trips

Teacher Professional
Development Trainings

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student workshop series

The following topics & practices are introduced to students in an outdoor setting through storytelling and games. Each topic connects to a lesson about ecology.


2 (One-Hour)In-Classroom Workshops
One (School Day) Field Trip to a Local Regenerative Farm

Grade levels served: 1-12 (adjusted to be age appropriate)

Price: $350 per classroom (Workshop Series) Plus $15 per student for Field Trip

- learning topics include -

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Weaving the Art of Council into Social-Emotional Learning

Community Council is a practice of deep listening, where members of a classroom form a circle and take turns sharing their unique perspectives as prompted by a guiding question. This tool helps us to honor all perspectives, build trust, and resolve conflicts while speaking and listening from the heart. This practice is guided by five essential agreements.

“[Since Council] I have noticed that there are a lot less fights between classmates and people get along better.” - Student Participant


Cultivating Self-Awareness and Belonging through Sit Spot

Sit Spot is a daily ritual where each child chooses a special spot to visit to engage in quiet and contemplative reflection, as well as observation of their inner world in relation to their surroundings. We exemplify how to use child passions as a tool to inspire students to fall in love with this practice.

“Kiva center helped me learn that there is more to nature than you would expect and also I learned that I can do whatever I need to calm myself down." - Student Participant

Nature Class

teacher professional development trainings

We invite teachers to choose from the following topics to receive new tools and professional development training in the Kiva philosophy.


2 Workshop Sessions (1.5 Hrs each)

Up to 15 Participants

Grade levels served: 1-12 (adjusted to be age appropriate)

Price: $550 per topic

- learning topics to choose -

Weaving the Art of Council into Social-Emotional Learning (explained above)

Cultivating Self-Awareness and Belonging through Sit Spot (explained above)

Curative Storytelling for Educational Purposes

Teaching Classroom Content through Outdoor Games


Curative Storytelling for Educational Purposes

Learn the art of oral storytelling to engage, inspire, and connect more deeply with your students! You will learn several storytelling techniques, including curative storytelling, which is a practice that uses metaphor and patterning to guide children to re-frame traumatic or unhelpful inner-narratives so they can transform them into stories of healing and growth.

“We use Council and Sit Spot weekly. My students look forward to Council to discuss heart-felt topics, as well as to celebrate each other." 

- Teacher Participant

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This program provides tools to help educators teach and reinforce the principles of the In-Focus program (the SVVSD socio-emotional curriculum). The content also helps teachers meet academic standards in reading, science, and social studies.

Is your school interested in participating in this program but does not have the funds?  We offer funding assistance to schools every year!  Contact us for more information before applying.


Access our Online Resource Library

Free Online Lesson Plans, Presentations, and Activities for Educators to Bring To The Classroom or Homeschooling!


Tiny Organisms Series


Garden To Plate Workshops

Picking Up Trash On Riverside

Our Waste, Our Responsibility Series

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