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Why we exist...

The children of today are living in an ever-changing world: one where technology advances exponentially; where screens are replacing human connection; where our wild lands are quickly being replaced with parking lots, paved roads, and buildings.

Children living in this fast-paced society need to know they can find refuge in climbing trees, listening to the music of the birds, and digging for bugs.  They can marvel in the miracle of this Earth that we call home. 

At The Kiva Center, children are granted the opportunity to enjoy the gifts of this Earth without the interruption of screens, just as their parents did, just as our ancestors have for thousands of years. When Kiva kids tromp through the bushes and discover secret hideouts, create magic wands from sticks and feathers, and inquisitively follow animal tracks in the snow, they are participating in something quintessential to being human.  If we hope for the youth to develop their innate connection to the natural world and to each other, we must provide them with the experiences to fall in love with nature together, just as we did when we were young. 

Your help will provide these experiences to as many children as possible.

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A nurturing, soulful, and fun place for children to spend their days. A well-balanced program for both the inner and outer lives of little ones, while offering opportunities for parents to connect.

-- A Kiva Parent

Kids at Kiva get to enjoy:

  • Gardening & care of farm animals

  • Traditional living arts (cooking, herbalism, carving, weaving, pottery)

  • Story-telling & theater

  • Outdoor unstructured play

  • An inclusive environment for children of all abilities

  • Communication & conflict resolution

  • Collaborative learning, problem-solving, and decision-making


Since founding in 2014, The Kiva Center has made the following impacts:

  • In two years, our Farm and Forest Program increased enrollment from 3 to 42 students and expanded the program from one to three days/week.

  • Since launching in the Spring of 2017, the School Outreach/Classroom Workshop programs have reached over 500 public school students.

  • Surveys conducted at the end of last school year have shown that 87% of parents observed their children display a stronger motivation to explore in the outdoors since attending Kiva programs.

  • At the beginning of summer, when urban students in Westwood were asked “Do you feel it’s important to spend time outdoors?”, only 27% responded YES!  At the end of the summer, after attending Kiva programs, 100% of respondents answered YES to this question!

  • When the same students were asked if they felt that they could make a difference in their community, the percentage of those who responded YES jumped from 14% at the beginning of the summer to 100% at the end of the summer.

  • The Kiva Center grew this year to provide jobs and internships to young adults.

“[This experience] helped shape who I am and what I really want to do in the future. I can’t be more thankful for the opportunity that The Kiva Center presented me. ”

– Montse Corona, assistant after-school teacher at Castro Elementary in Denver.

Your donation will help us provide opportunities to 

children all over the Front-Range of Colorado!

Help us reach our goals!

  • Expand our reach of free after-school and summer programs for underserved youth in the urban Westwood neighborhood of Denver

  • Create career opportunities for passionate youth to serve their communities

  • Offer more comprehensive need-based scholarships to families of the Farm and Forest Programs in Longmont, CO

  • Hire a coordinator to expand the free School Outreach Assemblies and Classroom Workshops Program in Colorado public schools, and;

  • Adequately compensate teachers and program directors with a living wage to ensure the sustainability or our programming  

  One-Time Donation                           Recurring Donation

Ways to Donate to The Kiva Center

The Kiva Center is a 501c3 organization, meaning all donations are tax-deductible.

One-time donations can be made online with a card or PayPal account, or mail a check to: 

The Kiva Center, 

1780 Lombardy Dr. 

Boulder, CO 80304 

Recurring donations are the best way to provide 

predictable, ongoing support 

for the sustainability of our 

programs.  Even one small 

donation of twenty dollars per 

 month can sponsor a child to 

attend an after-school program for free.  

You can change the 

amount or cancel this at 


Do you have a piece of 

land that you would like to be used for educational 

purposes?  The Kiva 

Center is actively seeking land for educational 

programs, as well as  office space to be donated or leased at a 

reduced rate.


Levels of Membership

• Ponderosa Pine: $100/month - Sponsor hiring a School Outreach Coordinator
• Blue Spruce: $50/month - Sponsor an urban youth to attend our after school program for a year
• Douglas Fir: $25/month - Sponsor a FREE classroom workshop in 3 classrooms
• Aspen: $20/month - Sponsor a scholarship for Farm and Forest Program 
• Cottonwood: $10/month - Get more kids outside!
• Willow: $5/month - Warm fuzzy feeling in your heart

  One-Time Donation                           Recurring Donation