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Tuition Rates and Registration Information for the 2023-2024 School Year




Deposit: A non-refundable Registration Fee of $150/session/child is due at the time of registration and it reserves a space.

Tuition Payment #1: If you choose a payment plan, ¼ of the tuition will be withdrawn two months before a session begins.

Full Tuition ResponsibilityFour weeks prior to a session's start date, each family registered at that time becomes responsible for the FULL PROGRAM TUITION AND IT BECOMES NON-REFUNDABLE

Discounts: We have a 10% Sibling Discount

Tuition Assistance: There is a limited amount of funding available for families who need financial assistance.  Please see the schedule below for tuition assistance application deadlines and a link to the application.

Learn about the Program: It's strongly encouraged to attend an open house (dates on the previous page) or schedule a tour of the land before registering.

"Active Refund" - At the checkout step of registration, there is an option to purchase "Active Refund," an insurance on the registration. This is not required to get a refund within the policy outlined below. If you are concerned you might cancel outside the time limits listed below, Active Refund is recommended. 

*** There is a question on the registration form that certifies that you read and understand our tuition and cancelation policy explained below.

​Tuition and Cancelation Policy

  • Tuition:  

    • Homeschool Enrichment Program:  $1300 - $2000 sliding scale per semester (for 1 day per week).  Families choose the rate on the sliding scale based on their current financial situation.

    • Teen Girls Group:  $350-$750 sliding scale per semester.

  • Monthly Payment Plans are available and will be set up through an automatic payment system during registration.

  • The First Month’s Tuition is due and non-refundable on the following dates for each semester:

    • Fall 2023:  July 28th, 2023 (for homeschool enrichment), August 11th (for teen girls group)

    • Spring 2024:  December 11th, 2023 (for all programs), January 1st (for teen girls group)

  • Full Tuition:  At the date below for each semester, you agree that your family will be responsible for the full tuition. At that point, no refunds will be issued (except for the 15-day window for new families, mentioned below) . Even if you’re on a payment plan, and you decide to cancel, you are agreeing to pay the full tuition. 

    • Fall 2023:  July 31st, 2023

    • Spring 2024:  January 8th, 2024

*In the case of a family emergency, refunds will be determined on a case-by-case basis with the Directors.


Refund Policy:

  • One-Time Registration Fee and First Tuition Installment are non-refundable

    • Registration Fee (due at registration) and Tuition Payment #1 (dates listed above) are non-refundable

    • Full tuition is non-refundable after 4 weeks before the program begins

  • If a NEW family decides to withdraw within 15 days of the program start date (Please NOTE: if you are current family returning you do not have this 2 week trial window):

    • The Kiva Center keeps the Registration Fee and Tuition Payment #1, plus the second monthly tuition installment.

    • The family will not be responsible for future monthly installments.

  • If a family (who is NOT new to the program) decides to withdraw after 15 days of the program start date:

    • The Kiva Center will keep the Registration Fee and Tuition Payment #1 and any Monthly Installments paid for months already fully or partially attended.

    • The family will be responsible for all remaining Monthly Installments through the program session’s end date, unless we are able to fill the child's space in the program.


Registration and Tuition Assistance Schedule:

Feb 24: Due date for tuition assistance applications for currently enrolled students

March 6: Open enrollment for currently enrolled families

March 6: Due date for tuition assistance applications for new families

March 15: Registration open to the public



When you register

1. Select Sessions: At the time of registration, you will select the sessions you want your child to attend. Select a session for all children you are registering at the same time to receive your sibling discount.

*For example, if you are registering two children into the program for the entire year, your cart should have 4 items in it before proceeding to checkout, 2 fall selections and 2 spring selections (one for each child), this is what trigger the sibling discount.

2. Child Information:  Enter the registration form questions for each child.


3. Select your Payment Plan: At the time of registration, you can select to pay in full or pay only the deposit and sign up for a payment plan.


If you do NOT pay in full, you can choose to be automatically enrolled in the payment plan outlined below or "pay manually" with checks later on (you are still responsible for paying on the dates outlined below).

If you want to PAY IN FULL BY CHECK (other than the deposit), you can select the payment plan (to pay manually) and mail a check (our preferred method) to the address below to ARRIVE BY the dates mentioned above (July 28th for Fall Semester and December 11th for Spring Semester):

3035 O'Neal pkwy s14

Boulder, CO 80301

(Checks should be made out to “The Kiva Center")

Online Payment Methods:

You can make payments online using two methods:

  • Electronic Checks (our preference)

  • Credit Card

Payment Preference:

Due to heavy fees through our registration software, we prefer payment by check when possible.

Please pay however is best for you.

Payment plan dates Fall 2023

  • 1st installment: July 28th, 2023 (or August 11th for girls group)

  • 2nd installment: Sept 1, 2023

  • 3rd Installment: Oct 1, 2023

  • 4th Installment: November 1, 2023


Payment plan dates Spring 2024

  • 1st installment: December 11, 2023

  • 2nd installment: March 1, 2024

  • 3rd Installment: April 1, 2024

  • 4th Installment: May 1, 2024

Ready to Register?

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