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A Community Call to Action

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

We Need Your Help with an Incredible Opportunity

We are looking for our long-term home!

The beautiful 38+ acre property where we operate is going up for sale in the near future. We see this as an OPPORTUNITY rather than a setback. We have an incredible community that can mobilize around this endeavor! The property is going on the market for $4.93 million. The Kiva Directors, Board, and staff prepared an executive summary about our vision for regenerative education moving forward. At this point, we see a couple avenues forward for The Kiva Center to establish a community hub for regenerative agriculture and environmental education.



- Financial Overview

- Mission / Vision

- Programming / Success

- What we are looking for

Kiva Executive Summary
Download PDF • 2.73MB

The Current Options: 1. We identify a land owner that wants to see this work on their land and we sign a long-term, many year lease. This could be the current land or another piece of land.

2. Someone purchases land for Kiva and either donates the land or holds it until Kiva raises funds to purchase it. This could be the current land or another piece of land.

3. We create a lease-to-own agreement with a land owner that wants to see this work flourish. We would pull together fundraising, SOIL Loans, and green bonds to procure the land over time.

4. We partner with other local farms or private land owners to host our programs on the Front Range Colorado.

5. Someone, or a small group of people, donate $5 million to Kiva Center so we can purchase the land.

6. Something we can’t see yet! What ideas do you have?

Community Action Steps

  1. Read our latest Executive Summary

  2. Share this link with anyone who might match the needs of our options listed above (Partners, Philanthropists, Land Owners, Local Farms, County Commissioners, School District, People on the market for Regenerative Agricultural Land)

  3. Share your ideas here

  4. Contact for further questions

May this be the nutritious soil from which our collective hopes for the future manifest themselves!

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