Instilling Confidence and Self-Esteem in Colorado Youth


The Kiva Center's mission is to build inner-strength and compassion in Colorado’s youth through transformational nature-connection experiences.

A Culture of Belonging

Our homeschool program is an immersive and transformational community of learners and their families that builds confidence through nature connection for its members.

Mental, Physical, and Emotional Wellbeing

Our school enrichment programs support entire schools to create a cultural shift towards happier and healthier students through community-wide action. 

Increasing Self-Confidence 

Our Community Engagement in Denver empowers urban youth to believe in their power to create change in their communities.

Kiva Center by the Numbers


homeschoolers served in four years


public school students served through free programming


of respondents noticed an increase in child's  confidence in social settings


of respondents identified an increased desire to care for the earth


of respondents noticed an increase in their child’s confidence to try new things

Collecting eggs
Summer fun
Feeding the Pigs
Burn Bowl
Planting seeds
Farm Service - Egg washing
In the trees
Garden Soil Preparation
Exploring the forest
Wild Harvesting
Imaginative play
Chicken in arms
Take a moment
In the forest
Snake Snack


This is one of the most powerful, authentic, enriching programs and communities we have found after years of research, trial and error! Thank you so much.

— Parent of 12 year old

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Kiva Center Founders Radio Interview


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What does ‘Kiva’ mean to us?

A Kiva is a type of ancient, circular underground dwelling created by the people living in the four corners region from 800-1200 CE. Some were used for ceremonial purposes within the community, while many more were communal gathering places.  These dwellings were hardly recognizable from above ground, for they only had a small opening with a ladder to lower down into them.  Some were accessed through underground tunnels, which connected to towers above ground. 


The Kiva Center aims to reclaim the feeling of having a home in the Earth, which although seems hidden at times, it can be found deeply nested within every human being.